Aluminati Robotics

FIRST Team 3555


Aluminati Robotics is a FIRST Robotics Competition team.  We work with our mentors, including local engineers, each year to design and construct a new robot to participate in a ‘game’ designed by FIRST,the form and requirements of which change from year to year. Members are also encouraged to participate in local outreach and fund-raising events.

The team meets twice a week after school for most of the year from 5-8pm, but more frequently in January and February when the robot is being constructed and during competitions from March through the end of school year.  The team meets occasionally during the summer and often competes in at least one competition in the fall to introduce new members to First events before start of the next build season.

The team is resident at EO Smith high school in Storrs, Mansfield (Eastern Connecticut), however membership is open to any area high school age students.